Critical & Creative Thinking is the last competitive advantage.

Kieran Flanagan | Co-Founder & CCO | The Impossible Institute

In her work as the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Impossible Institute™, Kieran Flanagan's primary role is helping leaders, teams, organizations and entrepreneurs develop what she calls, the "Forever Skills".

As important as it is to have a clear understanding of trends, shifts and new technologies in the work and market place are, just as important (and perhaps even more so) is the need to develop those skills that are eternal. The skills that help us transition from competent employee to innovative and engaging leader - from category follower to industry influencer!

Core in these skills is the science of Critical & Creative Intelligence - our capacity to generate commercial and social solutions that venture beyond the reflex and default, and just as critically, the ability to assess these ideas for economic value and build a strategy through which to execute them.

This is Kieran's focus and passion. She helps individuals "Out:Think" their competitors, helps managers understand how to create "Buy In" both internally, between silos and with customers and she helps leaders understand what it takes to develop a culture of "Team Genius".

She strongly believes that most of "our limits are imagined and our imagination is an unlimited resource."

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Voted "Top 25 C-Suite Speaker" - Meetings & Conventions USA.

With over 25 years experience in the board room, in developing talent across a huge spectrum of industries and as one of the most in demand speakers on the subject of Critical & Creative Thinking, Kieran Flanagan is a must see keynote speaker.

She brings a wealth of practical business experience and combines it with a mix of inspiration and laughter that makes her a crowd favourite and gives event managers and leadership teams a restful sleep at night.

In her professional career, there is scarcely a business category or sector Kieran hasn't worked with. One day she's working with the big end of town in Banking and Finance, the next, with Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners, sometimes it Manufacturers, FMCG or Retailers and other days, it's Professional Services. 

No matter the industry, Kieran delivers real life credibility and practical capability through keynote speeches and that are instantly engaging and inspiring, but more importantly, applicable once everyone gets back to work the next day!

Kieran's most popular speeches include:

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Helping today's leaders develop "forever skills".

We're living in an age of unprecedented change - futurists and economists are making predictions that alternate between the surreal but exciting and the catastrophically frightening. The truth, as it often does, probably lies somewhere in the middle.

The problem is, very few of these experts offer much in the way of guidance. So, change is a given... now what?

Kieran believes, that as important as focusing on what's changing is, perhaps more important is developing "forever skills". The skills that will not only always be in demand but also confer a competitive advantage to those who are willing to master them.

Kieran helps leaders, professionals, teams and entrepreneurs develop Creative & Critical Thinking and generate innovative ideas and solutions, assess them for value and execute them in a way that drives commercial and social impact. 

She helps develop these capabilities in the following programs:


Power Positioning™

Amplify your personal & professional brand and develop commercial clarity around your competitive advantage.

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