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Don’t ignore what is unchanging

by Kieran Flanagan In a world of relentless change, most leaders and organizations understand the importance of keeping up to date, but often forget the importance of looking to what will endure. What is unchanging is just as important a consideration when it comes to inventing our futures as what will. The legendary adman Bill Bernbach (one of New York’s real Madmen) wisely…

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Loyalty might just be an old-fashioned ideal

by Kieran Flanagan “Surely not,” you say! Well, hear me out. Staff loyalty was once the ultimate measure of a leader. When a leader was great people stuck around. They progressed through the company. They grew old there. They got a gold watch. Today staff tenure is in decline. The average length of time millennials stay in a…

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Resilience is no longer enough

by Kieran Flanagan Resilience has become the word of the moment. How many times have you heard this conversation? We’re facing a lot of change. We really need our people to be more resilient. Resilience is so hot right now. (Best read with a Beyoncé flourish and finger snaps) Yet I wonder if it is…

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