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Harness the power of Human Nature

OK, we realize a book about human nature called Selfish Scared & Stupid doesn't sound like a compliment. But in fact, these are the three features of our essential natures that have helped us to survive and thrive.

Put simply, this is a book about how our survival brain calls dibs on all of our initial decision-making. And while this "reptilian" part of the brain is not as exciting as the pre-frontal cortex, it is critical to human behavior and performance.

The truth is, the more you're able to anchor desired behavior in personal gain, whilst mitigating risk (be it reputational, financial, physical or personal) and the more you can reduce the friction in the process and create a sense of ease and simplicity, the higher your chances of success.

Of course you could just take the title personally... but then, that would kinda prove our point now, wouldn't it?

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She also co-authored Shift : The way we move perceptions, people and products has shifted with Dan Gregory.

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