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Power Positioning™

Amplify your personal & professional brand and develop commercial clarity around your competitive advantage.

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Power Positioning

Use commercial clarity to drive your unique competitive advantage.

For Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Professional Services & Leaders who want to amplify their influence and develop commercial clarity around their competitive advantage.

What makes you a leader in your category or industry? What is it that asserts your uniqueness amongst your peers? What helps you stand out in a group of professional competitors as an authority, a thought leader, the “go-to” expert in your field. Certainly, your knowledge and experience play an important part in this process, but more important is how you position yourself, the personal brand you create and the intellectual property you develop that elevates you from a high performance player to industry innovator and influencer.

Often our positioning lies buried in the technicalities of what we do and hides behind formulaic “elevator pitches” and generic descriptions of our product and service offering.

A better, and far more commercial, approach is to develop Power Positioning. A unique tone of voice that uses powerful language, proprietary IP and professional profile building to create clarity in your offer and a “blue ocean” opportunity in the market place.

Specifically, we'll explore:

  • How the 4 Stands you take define your personal brand and influence
  • How your personal IP – Books, Articles, Posts and White Papers set you apart from the rest of the market
  • How to build leverage through a unique language & tonal palette 
  • How to powerfully pitch yourself, your business, your services and your personal brand



Planning to win

Upgrade your Strategic Planning and Issue Hacking tool chest.

For Leaders, Managers & Entrepreneurs seeking a more powerful an innovative approach to strategic planning and issue hacking.

The true value of an organization and a leader does not lie in their people (despite what they might say publicly at the AGM), after all, people leave, they take other jobs, work for competitors and not all those who stay are what we would call assets. No, the true value of a leader is their capacity to design and execute strategy, to solve problems more innovatively than their competitors, to out-think the market place and build intellectual property of real value.

One of the issues we face in strategic planning and issue hacking is that our methodologies are generic - we use the same systems as our competitors and typically generate the same generic results.

What worse is, much of our thinking is impotent if it is not translated into actionable activities that bring our vision, mission and goals to life. This program is designed to change that. Specifically, we'll delve into:

  • How to turn Vision into Action and Values into Behaviors 
  • The Un-SWOT process where we identify blind spots and turn vulnerabilities into assets
  • How to be more creative in our ideation and more critical in our judgement
  • Business strategy tools that identify untapped markets and fuel innovation and new product development

As a complement to Kieran's Out:Think keynote this program takes strategy out of the conceptual an into practice.

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Pitch, Present & Persuade

Master the art of Persuasive Communication and building Buy-In. 

For Leaders, Pitch Teams & Professionals ready to take their persuasive skills to level ‘MadMen’.

No matter what you do for a living, you're in sales. You might be selling a vision, building buy-in with your team or exciting your customers. It's all about selling - selling down, selling up and selling to. Make no mistake about it, your professional and business success is driven by your capacity to engage, influence and persuade.

The problem is, few of us have learned how to present effectively, fewer still understand the nuance of the pitch and that is why persuasion is often dismissed as a “soft-skill” or worse, a dark art!

This workshop is specifically designed for organizations, leaders and teams who recognise the power of being able to communicate persuasively and are determined to build a team that is more influential, engaged and engaging. Specifically, we'll look at:

  • Your individual communications style - where it works and where it needs work
  • How to construct a sequenced argument that persuades and engages through narrative and variety
  • How to present effectively and inspirationally by stealing the tools stand up comedians and professional speakers use
  • How to be more influential through the use of values alignment and the psychology of identity

This is a great way to take the learnings from Kieran's Buy In keynote and turn them into skills through practice.

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Personality Archetypes

Develop Self-Awareness and unlock Team Genius. 

For Leaders, Managers and Professionals wanting to better understand themselves, their people & their customers.

Each of us is a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses. However, there are patterns in the way we perceive information, how we hear meaning and how we see our place in the world.

One of the most critical tools used to navigate these tendencies, to motivate ourselves, drive empathy our teams and promote clarity in communication is an ability to read personality archetypes. A skill with archetypes informs preferred methods of communication as well as revealing unconscious biases and hidden motivations that lead to more effective understanding and communications.

This workshop is ideal for leaders, managers and professionals who recognize that being more self-aware and aware of others is key to commanding influence and engagement. Specifically, we'll cover:

  • The four filters (or lenses) we view the world through
  • How to identify archetypes through language, behavioral and visual cues
  • Developing an awareness of strengths, weaknesses and friction points
  • Learning how to build powerful teams against a strengths matrix

This is the perfect follow up to embed the learnings of Kieran's Team Genius keynote.

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Kieran mentors and advises Executive Leadership Teams, Board Directors & Entrepreneurs.

OK, you've seen Kieran's keynotes and attended one or more of her programs, but you still need more personalized and interactive help. If that's the case, talk to us about our mentoring packages.

Kieran specifically mentors leadership teams, board directors and entrepreneurs on business strategy, branding, innovation and leadership. This is provided over the course of a year in a variety of modes depending on what your needs are.

A typical mentoring package might include:

  • A Face 2 Face briefing meeting where we'll identify goals and obstacles and outline a mentoring course that works for you
  • Coaching clinics that focus on specific areas of opportunity or weakness
  • Group sessions where a leadership team or board of directors can play out scenario planning in a controlled environment
  • Webinars that add skills and intelligence to action

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