Critical & Creative Thinking is the last competitive advantage.

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With over 25 years experience in the board room, in developing talent across a huge spectrum of industries and as one of the most in demand speakers on the subject of Critical & Creative Thinking, Kieran Flanagan is a must see keynote speaker.

She brings a wealth of practical business experience and combines it with a mix of inspiration and laughter that makes her a crowd favourite and gives event managers and leadership teams a restful sleep at night.

In her professional career, there is scarcely a business category or sector Kieran hasn't worked with. One day she's working with the big end of town in Banking and Finance, the next, with Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners, sometimes it Manufacturers, FMCG or Retailers and other days, it's Professional Services. 

No matter the industry, Kieran delivers real life credibility and practical capability through keynote speeches that are instantly engaging and inspiring, but more importantly, applicable once everyone gets back to work the next day!



How Critical & Creative Thinking give you the last competitive advantage.

Our performance is no longer a function of our knowledge or understanding. Nor is it necessarily linked to our capability or proficiency within existing processes.

Today’s metric for high performance is mental and strategic agility. An ability to think, un-think, re-think and most critically "Out-Think".

Whether you’re a leader who needs to develop strategies to out-wit the competition, a sales person looking to be more responsive and persuasive or an individual looking to develop an edge or some business savvy, being flexible in the way we think about issues and problems is critical.

Key to remaining competitive is a willingness develop your cognitive elasticity and adopt thinking habits that are more innovative and take us out of default patterns and reflex reactions. Think of "Out:Think" as “Luminosity for the business brain”.

In this exciting and thought-provoking presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • How leaders can change the game by changing the frame they view their strategy through
  • How managers can encourage a culture of creative & critical thinking - driving innovation and strategic solutions
  • How sales and marketing teams can develop an agility of mindset that makes them more proactive and resilient
  • How individuals can develop tools that allow them to bring better ideas to the table and use better judgement in assessing them

For more information about how to embed this information and develop capabilities in training, explore the Planning to Win Program.




How to sell your ideas and build engagement.

One of the great fallacies of business is embodied in the maxim, "Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door."

Now of course, an innovative, high quality product is an important consideration, but the myth that success (or influence or engagement) happens without an understanding of how to sell our ideas is a dangerous one.

We are all in the business of sales, regardless of our professional title or job description. Leaders must engage whole organizations and communities, managers must sell their teams on new processes and performance targets, individuals and sales people need to be able to pitch their thinking up the organizational structure, down their immediate reporting line and directly to their customers. (Even parents are in sales - they're just selling things like bedtime & broccoli!)

Buy In requires an ability to communicate effectively, certainly, but it also demands a strategy that embodies relevance, difference and significance.

In this fun and liberating presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • How leaders can be more engaging in their communication of their vision and strategy
  • How managers can dial down conflict and dial up enthusiasm
  • How sales and marketing teams can be more persuasive with their customers by understand that what they're trying to sell, isn't always what customers want to buy
  • How individuals can be more effective in framing their ideas so that they can be heard and considered

For more information about how to embed this information and develop capabilities in training, explore the Pitch Present & Persuade Program.




How Collaborative Intelligence and team design drives performance and innovation.

Success today is as much a cultural capability as it is the sum total of all the individual performances within the team.

As our work takes on increasing levels of complexity and we develop technology that facilitates hyper-connectivity - demanding ever greater transparency and accountability - so too our teams and systems need to become more connected and collaborative.

However, as is always the case when you're dealing with human beings, when teams form we experience friction points, unconscious biases, prejudices and habitual behaviors that can prevent a team performing at their best.

Beyond that, one of the issues teams suffer from is a lack of diversity (which is about more than gender, age and sexual orientation). This can leave teams suffering from contextual blindness and strategic blind spots that leave our business mission & vision vulnerable.

In this timely and inspiring presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

  • How leaders can structure their teams to drive both a shared sense of purpose and productive conflict
  • How managers can design their systems, processes and metrics to make collaboration more likely (and even enjoyable)
  • How sales and marketing teams can adopt a more collaborative approach to cross selling by using Co-PIs™ not just KPIs
  • How individuals can achieve greater personal success through adopting a team identity

For more information about how to embed this information and develop capabilities in training, explore the Personality Archetypes Program.

"In 12 years of running SWB, Kieran is the first speaker to receive a 100% approval rating from all delegates!”


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"Kieran facilitated a highly engaging, entertaining and thought provoking workshop around entrepreneurship, risk taking and decision making within a highly regulated environment.”

“Kieran’s opening Keynote established the spirit of the conferece from the outset. Embracing the theme in an engaging, relevant and lively presentation. She was the perfect choice.”

“Delegates were literally buzzing through the hours of workshops that followed and we were able to achieve the directions we required to take us forward.”

" An extraordinary ability to solve highly complicated and political problems.”


“Kieran’s presentation was a breath of fresh air. She is a ball of energy, totally engaging, brilliant use of humor, super visuals and great delivery, but above all she was totally on message with great content. They loved her.”

“Kieran delivered riveting speeches that kept a diverse audience engaged and wanting more.” 



“Kieran’s deep insight, cutting humour and ability to convey complex messages to our audience were the stand out features of her keynote. it's great to work with stage professionals who deliver.”


“Kieran Flanagan’s presentation was so inspiring - thank you.”


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